We believe that together, we can change the world. Although we come from different backgrounds and are people from all walks of life, we still have one common cause that unites us — improving the environment and humanity. We have created a product that is not only socially and environmentally responsible, but also inspires others to push for a transformation of our society, our culture, our world. Our vision is to see people think about the world with each decision they make. Each of our products support a different cause — a cause of your choice.

Nimbus’ goal is to stand true to its name and surround each and every consumer with a “circle of light.” Our goal is to have every consumer feel confident and embody positive energy. Our one mission that we are confident that the Nimbus water bottles can fulfill – is providing a chic, safe and ethical way to stay hydrated throughout our entire day; all while making a difference. And so, in working together as one collaborative force, we can make a greater impact. We hope to create a social and environmental revolution, one bottle at a time.