IMG_1696With summer nearing an end, the Nimbus squad has been indulging in every bit of sun outdoors as possible. All of our free time has been dedicated to connecting with the environment, physicality, and ourselves. However, we had spent so much time in local timbers and woodlands that we decided to push ourselves a bit and take on Half Dome in Yosemite (Look left!).

The uphill, 16.4 mile round trip climb undoubtedly proved to be demanding to say the least, but we were thrilled for the challenge. Another intriguing aspect that drew us was the fact that almost 95% of the park is designated wilderness. Yosemite is known for relentless beauty in waterfalls, grand meadows, deep valleys, massive ancient sequoias, and infinite wilderness to romp around in. The National Park Service describes it as:

Nevada FallsNot just a great valley, but a shrine to human foresight, the strength of granite, the power of glaciers, the persistence of life, and the tranquility of the High Sierra.

Immersed in the canopies and climbing high in the mountains, we undeniably felt the connection.

As many of you may know, camping and climbing needs to be booked well in advance, and we were lucky to be able to get in this summer, and just before the Yosemite fire too.

We spent a total of 3 days and 2 nights. Our climb began at 5am to begin the 14-hour hike (average time), with the most trying part in the first 20 minutes. Mist Trail is no joke and the switchbacks on the mountain are dangerous and steep. Along the way we encountered 2 rattlesnakes and unyielding heat. But, it is this succumbing to the environment and giving up control that allows us to shed our egos and find the kind of peace that can be provided only by the natural elements.

Thus, reaching the top of Half Dome for the second time and seeing the majestic view of Yosemite remains one of the most fulfilling experiences we have ever experienced. And, we were very grateful to have had 5 Nimbus bottles each.

Next stop, Mt. Lassen.

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