This week we want to spotlight one of our partners, First Graduate that is exceedingly pushing educational boundaries for children. Providing resources to up and coming first time graduates to succeed educationally and professionally. The program assists students in achieving a high school degree and become the first in their families to graduate from college.

Students that are accepted to the program will have access to coaching and guidance, academic support, school counseling, college support, mentoring, career exploring, and family engagement. First Graduate goes past educational guidance to reach relations and create a lasting change.

The First Graduate Program provides an active role in student’s lives, increasing school performance and helping with everything from developing a budget plan for college to mentoring. In turn, the graduates give back to the community with an alumni association that they can always be a part of, one-on-one mentoring for other First Graduate participants, and training for the real world. With a number of students completing degrees from The University of California Santa Barbara to Harvard University, the upcoming pupils have someone that they not only can look up to, but can directly relate to as well. Thus, a kinship is developed to build the community from the inside out, creating a sustainable change and growth.

As an organization that is making a direct change, First Graduate has truly been an inspiration for us. Through them, we have learned so much about bringing people together to expand and nurture development.

Nimbus is continuing to pledge 10% of each bottle sold to charities such as First Graduate to help programs that are making a difference in and around the community.

First Graduate is one of our three charities (Nimbus Cause Page) this quarter, and we are so excited to be able to continue to give back to them.

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  1. Terri Forman says:

    Thank you, Nimbus, and Nimbus fans, for making a difference for our students and helping them become first generation college graduates!
    Your friends at First Graduate

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