Rocket Dog Rescue (RDR) has dedicated 10 years to saving dogs from overcrowded shelters. Their focus is on the dogs that you often see at the shelter huddled in a corner, or looking too ferocious to take home—dogs that have lived a less than comfortable existence, with a history of pain and neglect. They are the social rejects that perhaps at one point had a chance of becoming a socialized dog, but now exists solely in a putrid, cement room, shut away behind a gate.

With RDR, these dogs are given a second chance. The volunteer-based organization has saved over 6,500 dogs from heartrending situations such as abuse, neglect, and euthanasia for those that were deemed unadoptable.

Homeless and abandoned dogs are taken in and placed in temporary foster homes where they can receive love and nurturing in addition to being socialized, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and treated for any medical or behavioral conditions. Then, RDR actively pursues a permanent home for each orphan through a number of channels.

RDR’s goal now is to purchase a warehouse in San Francisco to convert into a fully functioning Urban Sanctuary for dogs. This will cut the need for foster homes, and will allow for the rescuing of more dogs each year. Not only will dogs be taken in, but the sanctuary will act as a community center as well with classes, art shows, and educational events.

As animal lovers, Nimbus is thrilled to be able to ensure 10% of each bottle sold to RDR to help reach their goal in making a dream a reality!

For more information about Rocket Dog Rescue visit:

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