With warmer weather hovering over the bay area, Nimbus took to the great outdoors.

Pitching our own tent, preparing food, and building campfires was only a portion of our task. This was also a mission to educate and inspire friends to use canteens. Each of them were told to bring canteens as we would not be supplying plastic water bottles…and almost everyone did! Luckily, we also brought some extra Nimbus bottles to include in photos of our escapade and to lend to our friends.

We visited Henry Coe State Park. Though the largest park in Northern California, it is mostly unknown to Bay Area inhabitants. Despite our love for camping, this was only our second visit. Windy, but majestic, Coe Park offered great views, a short hike to Frog Lake, and nice weather – on good days at least. We were very fortunate to have clear blue skies with the sun baking our backs during our visit. If we were to camp last weekend, it would have been a challenge to keep our tent grounded or to build a camp fire.

The 87,000 acres of wild open spaces included rugged terrain with numerous hiking adventures. And for the more daring camper, the park even offers backpacking in the back country (extra food and water is highly recommended).

We were told a few cautionary tales from neighbors about mountain lion sightings a week back, as well as one of a pregnant female cat; though the elusive mammal rarely comes face-to-face with humans unless threatened or protecting cubs.

Open year round, Henry Coe is perfect for park enthusiasts of all kinds. Whether you are a hiker, mountain biker, backpacker, equestrian, car camper, picknicker, or photographer, this is the place for you! As a day trip or longer camping experience, it’s definitely worth the trip! Just don’t forget your canteen!


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